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Stronger Than Stress Program

Develop Coping Skills, Resiliency, and Focus.

First developed for the care and prevention of work-related stress disorders, I have successfully applied this program to develop emotional and cognitive coping skills and strategies for a variety of stressful situations including the stress of parenting, of being an adolescent, and of being a competitive athlete or performer. 

In this program you will


Become aware of your environmental factors that trigger your stress response.


Develop emotional and cognitive coping skills to manage the anxiety associated with stressful situations.


Develop emotional and cognitive strategies for remaining in control and focused on the task at hand.


Practice applying emotional and cognitive skills and strategies under the controlled and regulated stress of exercise.

Mindful Eating Program

Before you change your eating, you have to change the way you think and feel about food.

We all know what we should eat and who hasn’t been on one, two, three or more “diets” over the course of time?  Witnessing clients’ anxiety associated with eating and the universal frustration of failed diets, I developed the Mindfulness Eating Program to treat the stress of eating and develop the emotional and cognitive skills needed to be in control of your eating in an out of control toxic eating environment.

Available for individuals, couples, And small groups

For individuals and small groups (up to 4 participants) 
Duration of Program: 10 sessions minimum.


About Dr. Almada


Health Psychologist & Author of Exercise, Life, and Love.


Dr. Almada has been a Chicago health psychologist and consultant since 1986. He began his consulting services while completing his post-doctoral fellowship in Preventive Medicine at the Northwestern University Medical School.  Dr. Almada developed the Mindfulness Eating Training Program and the Stronger Than Stress Training Program.  He has used these programs working with individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds, families, and athletes. He has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as professional journals. He has also served as an exercise and health consultant for Chicago television news stations including WBBM, WLS, and WGN.  In addition to television, Dr. Almada has presented lectures to organizations including the Chicago Area Runners Association and Citigroup Corporate Offices in Elk Grove Village. 



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