Everyone Wants To Live Their 'Best Life' —But It Can't Happen Without This Essential Component


However, the pandemic has shattered many of those dreams and the recent report on stress in America tells us war, inflation, and money issues are increasing stress levels and contributing to an alarming increase in inactivity, unhealthy eating, and poor sleep. Consequently, physical, mental, and emotional health problems are on the rise as the body has become Ground Zero for the stress of our time.

Caring for the life within our body is thus an essential first step to living life at its best. And exercise, consuming healthy food, and taking the boon of sleep are essential to assuring your body is living its best life so you can live your best life.


The Best of Life Within You

Perhaps like most people, your greatest fear is not death but rather the dreaded specter of age-related declines in physical health; the onset of chronic illnesses and pains; the inability to get around; developing dementia, and becoming completely dependent upon others.

These age-related declines naturally result from a gradual depletion of the power reserve of our vital organs (e.g., kidneys, liver, heart, brain). Although every organ builds up a power reserve exceeding what it needs to function under normal conditions, exposure to prolonged stress accelerates the rate of depletion and puts our organs at risk of being severely damaged.


Certainly, over the past year, the power reserve of our organs is likely to be rapidly depleted by the heightened levels of chronic stress, increasing inactivity, consumption of unhealthy foods, and poor sleep. Severe cases of Covid-19 have also taken a toll, causing damage to multiple organs including the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Making matters worse, the rapid decline of our organs’ reserve renders us increasingly powerless to participate in satisfying and fulfilling ways of living life.

Unlock your superpower

Each and every one of us is a superpower; the center at which our organs’ reserve of power combines and is utilized to initiate ways of living. Accordingly, our ability to live life, at its best or otherwise, cannot be separated from the power reserve of our vital organs. It would behoove us to figure out how to replenish the reserve by making sure our organs have the nourishment and rest they need to live their best life. Thus, every evening, after a hard day of work and play, we need to take the boon of sleep and let our organs revitalize themselves as they feast on the nourishing foods we consumed during the day.

You and your body like that feeling of being vitalized.

Is it any wonder people always report feeling really good after exercise? Is not that feeling of being alive, what living your best life is all about?

What is truly mystical about exercise is how it transforms energy, force, power, and work into the phenomenon of living life at its best.

The enabling force

Exercise is an enabling force that enhances our physical and cognitive abilities, adds years to our social and emotional well-being, potentiates and expands our possibilities for living life at its best. Exercise increases the whole of the energy, forces, and power that hold our physical and social lives together.

Regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, the life-enhancing benefits of exercise do not discriminate.

The phenomena of exercise are necessary during these stressful times.

When exercise, your body becomes more cohesive and resilient, and you become a greater force of wholeness among nature’s forces. Even during this pandemic, infected individuals who regularly exercised had a significantly lower risk of experiencing severe illness, hospitalization, and death compared to inactive individuals.

In these stressful times, exercise promotes greater physical and emotional well-being, and preserves higher levels of cognitive functioning. Moreover, exercise maximizes the benefits of good nutrition and sound sleep creating a synergy of efficiency that enhances the restoration of your vital organs’ power reserve; increases storage of energy, density of bone mass, and greater force producing capability.


Remember this: ‘We are”

Perhaps a wiser and more mystical concept of life and its phenomena of “we are” is needed during this time of escalating levels of stress. You and your body, your family, friends, community; you and this planet we share with other living systems, are the unified embodiment of the inseparable phenomena of life’s “we are.”


Ironically, the old “I think, therefore ‘I am’” philosophy separates us from our body and teaches us to scorn our body and other living systems. And therein we greatly err. Throughout life, every “I am” is the wholeness product of a “we are.” Our notion of “living my best life” must encompass the “we are” of every cell, organ, and organ system working, striving, and thriving together to live their best life and become something more; the whole that you proudly assert when you say “I am.”


Throughout the ages, learning to live life at its best begins with a philosophy of wholeness that guides thinking and turns it into striving and working together to become the best life has to offer. Exercise, good nourishment, and sound sleep are the pillars of this wholeness philosophy, providing vital support while building a core of resiliency against the stress of our times.

They make you a pillar of strength, a center of power, a force of life ready, willing, and able to venture out and participate in social and ecological adventures of life; ready to contribute to the mystical wholeness that has made us the best life has to offer and compels us to live life at its best.

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Dr. Stephen Almada 

Health Psychologist

[email protected]