Exercise, Synergy and Scaling



Like galaxies, solar systems, and all other unities formed in nature, each of us as individuals, our families, communities, and every social unity we form are continuations of order created from the synergy of atoms, molecules, and microbes working together striving to be something more than just isolated meaningless particles of matter. As individuals, the whole of our life is greater than the sum of all our cells and microbes; it is the synergy of the order they created as they joined together in the work of making each of us whole. This makes our cells and microbes the coordinates of our body and self. Although our wholeness makes us greater than the sum of our cells, synergy is not a one way street. Our wholeness depends on our learning how to synergistically participate in maintaining and enhancing the order created by our body’s cells “working together”.


Learning to be a partner in synergy, the unity of our self and our body becomes greater as we learn how to work with our body in ways that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its orderly work. Thus, synergy gives rise to the phenomenon of scaling; the unity of our self and body remains constant while everything else changes; we grow and develop as our body’s energy, forces, power, and overall work capacity increases.


The implications synergy and scaling have for us as individual human beings and as a species are profound. Scaling-up is an enhancement of our lives that can only take place under synergistic conditions. Synergy begins with caring about the unity of our life and the commitment to learning how to work together to maintain and enhance the unity of our self and body. Caring about the life and lives to which we are committed gives rise to courage, perseverance, and resiliency as we strive to figure out, and learn how to work together and experience the scaling effect of becoming something more than just an isolated individual in this world. All knowledge of how to work together with all that gives us life; be they the cells of our body, members of our families, teammates, playmates, or soulmates, is a product of what commitment to and caring about the unity of our life teaches us.

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Dr. Stephen Almada 

Health Psychologist

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